Kristopher Knight, Owner and Lead Steam Cook

Mary Knight, Owner and General Manager

A dynamic business couple; Mary and Kris Knight of Yazoo City. Mary has been manager of Sherwin Williams for more than 20 years and Kris has been a general maintenance supervisor at Federal Correctional Complex in Yazoo City for 20 plus years.

The Knights had a food vending trailer for five years before opening Kristopher’s Seafood in Yazoo City June 8.

“It all began in the fall of 2012 after we first met,” Mary Knight said. “We were outside sitting on the back patio when Kris said to me that he had been wanting to buy a trailer and try to sell crawfish the following spring. From that moment on, we started working towards having everything ready for the beginning of crawfish season.”

They started selling in February of 2013, and had a blast selling out of the small trailer. They had so many requests for shrimp and crab that they decided to add that to their menu as well.

“We then bought a larger vending trailer, and we started opening on the weekends all year,” the couple said. “At this point, we started looking for a location where we would start our restaurant. We found the location and worked all of 2017 renovating and remodeling our building to turn it into our place. That’s how we became the proud owners of Kristopher’s Seafood.”

They said “of course” there are challenges as there is with anything worth doing. The main one is not having enough hours in a day to do everything that needs to be done. Still, they say the rewards of knowing they are doing it to build their own business, outweighs it all.




Veteran in the restaurant industry; Julie "Jules" Johnston has years of culinary experience. She has manned the kitchen of several successful restaurants including Yazoo County's own Hindes Grocery. 


New to the restaurant scene, Ashley enjoys creating fresh new dishes and desserts in the Kristopher's kitchen. Mother of three (3) and Daughter in Law to the Knights, juggling kitchen tasks and PR responsibilities is a full time job. "I enjoy working with family and having the creative freedom to persue my culinary dreams" 

Mary K.- OWNER, General Manager

Meeting the challanges of managing dual careers head on, Mary is a vital cog in the wheel of the Kristopher's machine.

 Bringing her vision to life, Mary 

Kris K.-OWNER;Steam Cook

From hand-cutting the perfect ribeye to cooking exceptional shrimp and crab, Kristopher "Kris" Knight is a "Hands-On" owner. 


Matt K.-COOK


Matthew is an active member of the Kristopher's Team. He is currently apprentice cook.